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Privacy Policy

  1. 01 Privacy Policy

    01 Privacy Policy

    SHIN-EI GUMI CO.,LTD., and all its subsidiaries or other related companies (hereinafter called "SHIN-EI GUMI") set forth the privacy policy that SHIN-EI GUMI respect the personal privacy, to enable you to use our service at ease, SHIN-EI GUMI observe the laws and regulations relating to the privacy policy, and we make perform to protect the privacy informations based on the privacy policy specified below.
    * Privacy information means information can make the person itself identify and/or the unique information of the individual person such as that name, address, telephone/fax number, email email address and etc.

  2. 02 Use of Personal Information

    02 Use of Personal Information

    SHIN-EI GUMI collect, with your consent, your information necessary for our services,specifying the intended use of such information constantly.
    And, SHIN-EI GUMI collect such a information fairly and lawfully.
    SHIN-EI GUMI will use only the personal information that is necessary to achieve intended purposes.
    When SHIN-EI GUMI need to use personal information about you beyond the scope of such purposes, we shall obtain your consent, except when permitted by law or regulation.

  3. 03 Management of Personal Information

    03 Management of Personal Information

    SHIN-EI GUMI assign a person in charge for handling the personal information of our customers, and will take appropriate and sensible protective measures on technical and organization levels in order to discourage unauthorized access to personal information, and prevent loss, destruction, falsification, and disclosure of personal information.
    Moreover, should incidents of mismanagement, such as disclosure, etc, occur, SHIN-EI GUMI will take corrective measures quickly.

  4. 04 Provision to Third Parties

    04 Provision to Third Parties

    SHIN-EI GUMI will not disclose or provide your personal information to any third party, unless otherwise specified below cases:

    a.) given by your consent.
    b.) disclose with non-identification of the unique personal information.
    c.) ordered by the government laws and regulations and the equivalent ones.
    d.) necessary situations to secure a personal life, body, and assets with difficulties to have your consent
    e.) to cope with the government organization, local government authorities, and the authorized person by such a organization or
    authorities who achieve the works specified by the laws and regulations.
    f.) official request based on the laws and regulations from the court, the public prosecutor's office, police office, lawyer's association,
    consumer center and/or the organization in the equivalent authorized position.

  5. 05  No Liability for Personal Information

    05 No Liability for Personal Information

    SHIN-EI GUMI have no responsibility against the collection of the personal information made by the third parties in the case specified below:
    a.) you yourself disclose your personal information to the specific company.
    b.) the personal information input by you yourself and/or third parties can make identify the individual person itself.
    c.) the third parties besides you yourself collected the information identifying you yourself.
    d.) you provided your personal information on the third-party website linked to our website.

  6. 06 Disclosure, Correction, Deletion.

    06 Disclosure, Correction, Deletion.

    Any persons provided SHIN-EI GUMI personal information, at any time, can request to us that your personal information holding by us is disclosed to you yourself only or is deleted.
    Any persons provided SHIN-EI GUMI personal information can request to us to correct or to delete of your personal information when such a information is false after disclosure.

    SHIN-EI GUMI will make a correction of your personal information or deletion on the request of you yourself, quickly.

    Please contact freely without any hesitation about our privacy policy.
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